Please Pray for:-


This Diocese, Our Diocesan Bishop – Bishop Tim Thornton. Bishop Roy This our own Parish.


The People of Haiti. British Troops in Iraq & Afghanistan. For God’s help in bringing better relationships between people in Iraq, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe. This Country. The People of Cornwall. Our Town, waterfront, docks, shops, schools, offices, churches, and homes.

The Healing of those who are sick and/or suffering:

All the injured and homeless in Haiti, Chile and Western China. Together with Alan Ahrens, John. Jeanne. Enid Hoskin, Geof Maynard. Alexander Paxman, Leah, Geofrey Rowe, Kevin, Grace, Joan. Rae & Elaine McCormack, Stephen Hosken. Edna Coton, Dot Laskey, All who are lonely, confused or bereaved, and all those suffering and enduring long-term illness and those who care for them.