Church Wedding Testimony

Church Wedding

Church weddings are one of the finest wonders and experiences one can imagine. The lights, flowers, guests, and everything else is immaculate and in order. There is no other thing that can match the beauty of a church wedding.

We recently had a testimony from a couple that wed at our church and they wanted to share their wonderful experience and we thought that we would share their enjoyable time with all of you.

First things first, the wedding was one of the finest events we have ever witnessed and managed. The description cannot be put into words but we will try our best.

The wedding took place at noon and was the color white. All the guests had to wear white which truly made for a spectacle to watch. The wedding ceremony started with the priest welcoming the congregation and then read out some very important aspects about how Christians see marriage.

One of the rumors that started to spread was that a huge diamond ring was ready for the bride. This only enhanced the curiosity of the guests in attendance.

The guests were patiently anticipating the couple to arrive on stage and show their prefect faces and appearance. They finally made it onto the stage and initiated their declarations for one another.

The declarations included their promise in front of God that they will love, comfort, honor, and protect their partner as long as both shall live.

Finally, the time of the vows was onto us. And also the time to find out about the diamond ring rumors. The couple then made their vows to each other. Then the moment of magic arrived. The bride ached out for the ring and opened the cover. What came out blinded most of the guests, a huge diamond ring befitting of a princess.

After exchanging of their vows, the priest proclaimed the couple as husband and wife. Prayers for the couple followed which included the prayer for a gift of children for the couple.

Reading and sermons at the exquisite wedding followed which include some fabulous reading from the bible. The final ceremony of the magnificent and magical wedding was the signing of the register. The bride and groom along with two witnesses signed the register, which is a legal requirement, after which they received a legally binding marriage certificate.

The couple praised the church for its magnificent services and hosting of the event. The couple and majority of the guests loved a couple of things in particular regarding the church.

One of the most important things everyone liked was the ambiance of the church. It was exactly what the couple wanted and fulfilled all their demands and needs. The proximity of the guests to the couple and overall feel was praised highly by the majority of the guests and the couple themselves.

Another factor of the church they truly admired was the decorations and setting involved. The church spared no expense in satisfying the couple in this regard.

To conclude, this wedding as truly a thing of beauty increased further by the presence of the diamond ring. We are pleased that the couple admired our great work and we strive to do better each time.

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